About Amelia

With a keen eye and creative sensitivity, Amelia Anderson, from the rugged coastline of Victoria, has been a freelance photographer for over 10 years. After the sea change, Amelia’s main inspiration for her work is the overwhelming beauty of her natural surroundings. As well as being a loving Mum of three, Amelia has always had a passion for travelling and the outdoors and this is evident throughout her work. 

 On the completion of her final year of high school, Amelia was offered a scholarship at the ‘International College of the Photography’ where she was able to further develop her skills and began to explore different styles and techniques. 

 Amelia started her own freelance photography business in 2007 and has since made her mark in the industry, with media exposure on Reno Rumble and features in the Herald Sun, The Sydney Herald and numerous magazines. Most recently she has been focusing on photographing birds after discovering a strikingly beautiful black cockatoo named ‘Black Betty’ which soon became one of her best sellers. 

 Through running her own business, Amelia has developed a flair for interior design and an individual style that makes her work unique to the market. This has allowed her to produce a collection of contemporary, nature inspired artworks which complement and accentuate the mood of a room. Amelia’s main focus is to express her passion for subtle beauty and to capture images that not only are visually appealing but on a deeper level, inspire people to feel as confident and powerful as the magnificent subjects of her work.